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Eurorack Modular Synthesizers Thailand
ซื้อ TAKAAB VCA - Voltage Controlled Amplifier Eurorack Synthesizer Module (Black, Pre Assembled, 4hp) ออนไลน์

TAKAAB VCA-2180 - Voltage Controlled Amplifier Eurorack Synthesizer Module

An exponential (dB) gain voltage controlled amplifier for eurorack modular systems. This is a flexible module with wide-ranging controls to suit various applications. Includes two signal (audio or voltage) inputs, two summed attenuated CV inputs and bias control.

Size: 2cm x 128.5cm x 5.2cm.
Requires +/-12v standard eurorack power supply.
Package contents: 1x module, 1x 10 pin power cable, 2x M3 screws.

Usage notes:

Bias control goes from -6v to 0v. Position fully clockwise for +v/-v tremolo style effects, or position below halfway for use with envelopes or other 0v/+v control voltages.

Because of the range of the CV gains it is possible to distort the signal depending on the input levels. This can be desirable, but usually setting the CV around half way is a good starting point for good amplification without distortion.

Module Depth: 
Power Required: