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ซื้อ TAKAAB 2LPG v2 - Dual Passive Low Pass Gate Eurorack Synthesizer Module (Black, Pre Assembled, 2hp) ออนไลน์

TAKAAB 2LPG v2 - Dual Passive Low Pass Gate Eurorack Synthesizer Module


Two passive vactrol-based low-pass gates. Works like a rudimentary VCA with some level-dependent filtering on the output signal at varying amounts dependent on the ‘Tone’ setting. Creates ‘organic’ feeling sounds especially on short, plucky and percussive sounds. Or can be used to modulate another CV in the same way as a VCA, albeit less responsively and non-linear.

With the ‘Tone’ switch in top position, the sound has some filtering, but higher control voltages can open the filter near-completely. The bottom position is the dullest, with the most low-pass filtering. Leaving the switch in the centre position gives next-to no filtering although the signal is still somewhat coloured by the circuit.

One quirk of the module is the relatively sluggish response time, especially on the down-slope, this adds to the plucky sound and also gives a natural ‘release’ to the CV, meaning it works very nicely by simply feeding a gate signal into the CV input without the need for an envelope. This release is dependent again on the tone setting, so the darker setting has a shorter release compared to the bright setting which has a very long release.

Size: 1.1cm (2HP) x 128.5cm x 3.8cm.

Module depth: 2.5cm.

2x low pass gates.

Passive - does not require power.

Package contents: 1x module, 2x M3 screws.

Module Depth: 
Power Required: 
THB 1,160.00


By Ebay Customer on

Having a few passive modules is a great way to save cost, space, ribbons and power slots. I pair it with their passive attenuator module, because the LPG response is different at different CV levels, (I do have some buffer modules available just in case they are needed.) I usually only use the mixed mode, with a quite bright input audio signal.
Having the dual LPG in such a small factor means there is no regret that it is taking up the space that some imaginary better module might take, too.
For Australia, buy from the Siam Modular store in Thailand, not their UK staging outlet, for best price. They came in a good cardboard box.
The price is right, especially when considering that you don't have any power infrastucture. I actually bought two (mainly because of the cost but partly because in case it gives more flexibility with the odd 3U size) and saved a little bit on the postage.

By Ebay Customer on

One of the best sounding eurorack LPGs available, and probably the cheapest. Because the design is entirely passive it also saves power slots. I recommend combining it with a dual attenuate+offset module for the best control of the tone, a plain 8V gate into it sounds amazing, too.

The 2LPG has replaced my MN Optomix because it simply sounds better to my ears, and for 1/10 of the price.

By Ebay Customer on

Honestly, for the price and build quality, this is the one of the best low pass gate eurorack modules out there. If you have a spare 3hp in your rack and want to add some West coast flavour, this is the LPG you've been looking for!

By Ebay Customer on

This is a nice addition to any eurorack system. Tone switch and the module being passive are two features that make it really useful. Only downside is that jack sockets are a bit too tight and you need to apply more pressure than usual while putting the patch cable in.

By Ebay Customer on

For under £30 this is a little star of a module. A dual LPG with three different 'brightness' settings that all sound really nice. Perhaps the jack's are a tad awkward when inserting or removing patch cables but that is my only minor quibble and it doesn't detract from what is really a great little module. Highly recommended.